About Naked Bike

The Project
There’s a rich history of women’s bodies, nude and clothed, portrayed in art.  Much of this historical portrayal has ranged from the casually misogynistic to outright sexism. After a still ongoing struggle for awareness and rights, many women are now controlling, owning and celebrating the narrative of their bodies.

The Naked Bike Project is a performance of that narrative, the language and agency of the body combined with a machinetraditionally associated not just with men, but sexuality, rebellion and freedom.

The motorcycles portrayed cease to be mere moving vehicles but become a symbol and extension of contemporary female sensuality. It’s curves echoing the form of the body, the motorcycle functions as a lover, a prop, a site for the expression of utter physicality. The female bikers who have volunteered for the project share a love of riding and a willingness to be vulnerable for an idea: re-imagining the portrayal of their bodies in combination with their beloved machines. The images of Naked Bike are as diverse as the individuals being portrayed.

Women riders and machine can be one—cyborgs rejecting the boundaries and social mores that separate human from machine.  In some pictures the women are covered in gear for the sport, but also can function here as armor, a mysterious shell, a hidden space. In others, that protective layer is gone. Naked, the women project what protects them, or not, as female.

 My work isn’t about documenting the visibility of the growing number of female riders, but a change in the very culture we’re in. This is not just about/for women, this freedom of thought is for everyone.

A work in progress, ultimately Naked Bike is about the journey, the beginning of a provocative and culture-shifting ride.

Bike Bio

I graduated with a BFA in painting from the Rhode Island School of Design in the ’80s and went straight to the city (NYC). I used roller-skates to get around. Within a few years I acquired an apartment in Brooklyn and a boyfriend with a Motoguzzi. I realized that skating over the Brooklyn Bridge wasn’t gonna work and neither was the boyfriend—but that motorcycle sure did! In 1988 I bought a ’78 Honda CX500 and haven’t looked back. My current bikes are a 650 Kawasaki Ninja for city riding, and Ducati Hyperstrada for flying! I live and work in Brooklyn, New York. Naked Bike is the first time I'm combining both my passion for art and bikes.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments or inquiries about the work.