NEW WORK (2018)


Le Corbusier Chaise Lounge

I’m literally cutting and pasting gender and race onto a modernist design classic by the architect Le Corbusier who defined his furniture as docile servants, “discreet and self-effacing in order to leave his master free.”

The painting is a Frankenstein with bodies and color mismatched, a being considered less than standard, or human. We rip each other apart and try to put back the pieces.

The Implication’s of Baring One’s Teeth

Facial expressions of fear and anger are social signals frequently presumed to signify threat to perceivers. Stereotypes of race are based on fear and anger.

The Wide Sargasso Sea

The name, The Wide Sargasso Sea, comes from Jean Rhy’s novel- a feminist anti-colonial response to Jane Eyre. The crazy woman in the attic literally uses the masters tools to burn down his house.

Pregnant Woman 3X

The woman in this painting and I were both very pregnant with the exact same due date  at the time. I made this piece thinking about how a woman’s pregnant body can be present but invisible and how the color of that body and it’s surroundings affect her visibility