The Uncanny Lady M

Shakespeare’s Lady Macbeth, a character whose gender inhibits the ferocity of her ambitions to do what must be done.
”Come, you spirits that tend on mortal thoughts, unsex me here…”.

I wanted to explore the gendered gaze, and what would a combination of the male and female gaze look like?
So working with ideas of eroticism, gender and identity, I start with fantasy to give Lady Macbeth her wish [”Come, you spirits that tend on mortal thoughts, unsex me here…” - Lady Macbeth,  Act I, Scene 5.] - to untether her from her perceived weakness of a woman.  Then from there, I re-imagine her as a cyborg queen: a post-human machine without the constraints of morality, class, race or gender. She is fierce and seductive, a disquieting beauty of pain and pleasure.

For the series, I asked invited women to imagine themselves as this new post-human Lady M. Adorned only in the sculpted wearables of skin-pricking wire mesh, these women react and interact with their specific wearables as I document their improvised performance.

Ultimately, the individual performer’s sense of identity merges with the physical parameters of the set, becoming our own very human version of Lady M-the cyborg queen.